Children With Special Needs

BRMCK is a mainstream kindergarten. Although all our teachers are highly qualified and skilled mainstream preschool professionals, they are not Special Needs trained. Hence, the manner in which we are able to assist is limited.

BRMCK is only able to assist Children with Special Needs who are:


'High Functioning' as ascertained by professional therapists/child psychologists/psychiatrists in the following Special Needs areas - Mild Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, mild speech or motor delays.
Able to independently handle basic activities of daily living like feeding oneself and toileting.
Accompanied at all times by a professionally certified Special Needs Shadow Teacher when studying at the Kindergarten.
In order for BRMCK to consider your child for admission into our Kindergarten, please:
  . Ask a Special Needs Professional (e.g. child psychologist, therapist or psychiatrist) who has worked with your child to write a formal letter addressed to BRMCK to confirm that your child is ready and will benefit from integration into a mainstream preschool programme.
    In addition, the Special Needs Professional is required to explain your child's specific challenges and give simple guidelines to BRMCK teachers as to the best ways in which a trained mainstream preschool teacher (but untrained Special Needs Teacher) may help your child successfully integrate into the mainstream programme.
  . Make an appointment to see the Principal after obtaining the referral letter from your child's Special Needs Professional.
  . Bring your child and the letter of recommendation from your Special Needs Professional when meeting the principal.
  . Be committed to send in a professional Special Needs Shadow Teacher at your own cost should your child be admitted into the Kindergarten.
  . BRMCK reserves the rights to the final decision with regards to admission and class/level allocation of all students.


  . BRMCK is only equipped to accommodate ONE high functioning child with special needs per class.
  . In the event that your child is a child with Special Needs but you have not informed BRMCK upon registration, BRMCK reserves the right not to admit/or to de-register your child if our quota of Children with Special Needs has already been filled.
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