General Information

1. Rules & Regulations of Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten

The Management and Staff of Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten ("BRMCK") would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your child. These rules and regulations are aimed towards providing a secure, positive, warm and caring environment for your child. For our teachers and staff to carry out their duties more efficiently and effectively, BRMCK would require your strong support in strictly complying with these terms and conditions. read more

2. Registration

Our annual registration is open to the public on the first Monday of March. Parents may register their child/children for classes in the new academic year which commences in January the next year. Please see table below:

The year the child turns 3.
The year the child turns 4.
The year the child turns 5.
The year the child turns 6.

Eg: If your child turns 3 years old in 2018, you may register him/her for N1 during our annual registration excercise on the first Monday of March in 2017, the year before. Registration commences at 8:30am and is on a first come first serve while vacancies last basis.

Upon Registration, all parents are required to observe the following:
. Initial term fees + deposit & annual material fees for all levels to be paid via cheque
. Non Refundable Registration Fee to be paid via cheque
. GIRO and CDA Arrangements to be finalized and confirmed during Registration
. All cheque payments must be addressed to: Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten
Please avoid giving us post dated cheques as we regret we are not able to process post dated cheques due to manpower constraints.
. Applications for Security Pass/Car Park Labels
. Purchase of school uniform and other miscellaneous items
. Please read through and acquaint yourselves with the BRMCK Rules and Regulations and all information on our website thoroughly. ALL applications for enrolment into BRMCK must be strictly voluntary, informed and carefully thought through decisions by students’ parents/guardians.
Completed Registration Form*
1 Child's Passport Size
Copy of your Child's Birth Certificate

Where applicable: Copy of Singapore Citizenship Certificate Copy of Singapore Permanent Resident Supporting Documents Copy of Passport/Dependent Pass/Diplomat Pass
Copy of your Child's Immunisation Record (health booklet)
Copy of Parents' Identity Cards

Where applicable: Copy of Parents' Passport/Employment Pass/Dependent Pass
Copy of Legal Guardians' Identity Cards

Where applicable: Copy of Legal Guardians' Identity Cards
NB: These must be submitted together with the required legal documents from the lawyers bearing both parents' signatories confirming legal guardianship of the child.
Signed School Copy of BRMCK Rules and Regulations*
GIRO or CDA application form* (Admin Fee S$53.50 per new application)
Copy of monthly CDA Bank Statement for CDA application
School Term Fees: Payment via A/C Payee Only Cheque addressed to:
Initial Term Fees Pyable during registration
NB: This includes prevailing GST. Please note that GST payable will be adjusted in the event of any changes in government GST polices.
New N1 & N2 Students: $400.00 (Standard Deposit) + $1,348.20 (N1 & N2 Term Fees) + $107.00 (Non-Refundable Material Fees) + $85.60 (Non-Refundable Registration Fees) = $1,940.80.
New K1 & K2 Students: $400.00 (Standard Deposit) + $1,059.30 (K1 & K2 Term Fees) + $107.00 (Non-Refundable Material Fees) + $85.60 (Non-Refundable Registration Fees) = $1,651.90.

Notification of BRMCK Main Stream School Fee Increment With Effect 1st January 2016:
New N1 & N2 Students : $400.00 (Standard Deposit) + $1,476.60 (N1 & N2) Term Fees + $107.00 (Non-Refundable Material Fees) + $85.60 (Non-Refundable Registration Fee) = $2,069.20.
New K1 & K2 Students : $400.00 (Standard Deposit) + $1,219.80 (K1 & K2) Term Fees + $107.00 (Non-Refundable Material Fees) + $85.60 (Non-Refundable Registration Fee) = $1,812.40.
*Please write your child’s name, class and level on the underside of your cheque.
All the above items are MANDATORY for registration. BRMCK will not process any applications unless all the above items are duly submitted.
* Please DOWNLOAD forms from our website

3. Wait List

To place your child on our Wait List, please make an appointment to come to BRMCK personally with your child's birth certificate. Please be informed of the following terms and conditions for Wait List Applications:

A non refundable payment of an admin fee of SGD$75/- w.e.f. 1st January 2014 (including prevailing GST) via an 'account payee only' cheque addressed to: 'Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten'.
The Wait List Application is subject to the availability of vacancies. It is not a guarantee of enrolment in BRMCK. In the event, the offer of a vacancy is taken up, the usual registration fees for enrolment is applicable.
There will be no refund of the admin fee for Wait List in the event BRMCK is not able to offer a vacancy. This is non negotiable and applicable under all circumstances.
BRMCK will only notify parents in the event of an available vacancy.
In the event a vacancy is offered but is subsequently declined, additional admin fee for handling another new wait list position will be charged should parents still require their child to remain on the wait list to continue to await enrolment at the time, session and date of their choice.
Wait List Applications must be accompanied by a copy of the child's Singapore birth certificate.
Foreign students must register with the Singapore Immigrations for a Student Pass at least 6 months before formal enrolment into BRMCK. In the event, a student pass is not approved, there will be no refund of the admin fees for Wait List. There will also be no refund for the registration fees.
All Wait List applications must be submitted by 31st January of the year before the child enters school.
Example: If you wish to enroll your child for the academic year of 2016, your Wait List application for the academic year of 2016 must be submitted by 31st January 2015. Failing which, you will have to join our annual registration exercise on the first Monday of March in 2015.

Summary of Wait List Fees:
SGD$75/- (including prevailing GST) per child for Mainstream BRMCK enrolment.
SGD$75/- (including prevailing GST) per child  for BRMCK Before/After School Montessori Based Programme.

For parents who wish to place their child/children in our Before/After School Montessori Based Programme, the total wait list fees will be: Mainstream BRMCK enrolment ( SGD$75/-) + BRMCK Before /After School Montessori Based Programme (SGD$75/-) = SGD$150/- per child

NB: We regret there are no special discount packages for an additional child/children.

Bilingual Before/After School Montessori Based Programme : Please be informed that this is a popular before/after school enrichment programme and parents are advised to plan ahead on behalf of their child/children. Parents may place their child/children on this wait list.

4. Menu - Please refer to attached file

5. School Bus -
Contact Ms Carrie Lee of Transland Singapore Pte Ltd. Tel : 6560 8032
NB: BRMCK makes no representation, warranty or guarantee as to the quality of service and/or actions of the bus company.

6. Calendar of events


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