Our Facilities

We have a long established reputation in being your child's second home as we provide facilities to ensure your child's stay with us is indeed their very special 'Home away from Home'. We are equipped with the following:-

Classrooms: Modern, well equipped and fully air conditioned with air purifiers. All mainstream classrooms are equipped with a computer, a mini class library, child sized tables and chairs, child sized home centre, teaching aids, a child size wash basin, mirror and liquid hand cleansing lotion; typical of international pre-schools.

Enrichment Programme Classrooms: These classrooms have the same facilities as our mainstream classrooms. However, please be informed that there are some classrooms which are not fully air-con although they are well equipped with fans and portable air conditioning/cooling units.

At Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten, our classrooms are named after the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. Each classroom has a specially designed name tag fixed outside. You may notice that each classroom has been assigned a name that is not just an attribute of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit but a special flower/blossom which is closely related to it. Our prayer is that all our children and staff may truly blossom with the sweet fragrance of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit!
"But the Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control....Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit." Galatians 5:22-25

. Computer/Information Technology Room: This is fully equipped with a computer for every child during his/her special I.T. lessons. All I.T. classes are conducted by an I.T. Specialist Teacher who is assisted by the children's class teacher.
. Music and Dance Rooms: Modern and spacious with special wooden flooring, ballet mirror and bars for dance, music and movement.
. Speech and Drama Room: For Imaginative Play and Drama. Well equipped with relevant theatre props.
. Kitchenette: A small kitchenette for cooking/baking activities.
. Library: A wonder fairy tale land well stocked with many award-winning children's books.
. Outdoor Playground: Equipped with rubber flooring and outdoor play equipment.
. Sand and Water Play Area: Aesthetically designed water trough and sand pit to promote maximum enjoyment and learning.
. Gym/PE rooms: Equipped with basic gym equipment for pre-schoolers
. Nature Studies Corner: Where active learning on nature takes place with hands on activities such as sowing/planting (of seeds such as fruit/vegetables/flowering plants), reaping, the practical observation of various types of life cycles and weather observation etc.
. Restrooms/Toilets: Child sized restrooms/toilets fully equipped with modern sinks, countertops, mirrors, sitting bowls, cleansing lotions etc. to ensure your child's daily visits to this very essential place is comfortable and pleasant as when he/she is at home.
. Sick Bay/Observation Room: Equipped with two child sized beds, First Aid cabinet, air purifier and a basic selection of story books and puzzles to make the waiting period for a child who is not feeling well as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
. Kitchen: A modern, hygienic and well equipped Kitchen with two experienced Cooks who churn up hygienic, well balanced meals for our children.
. Teachers' Resource Room: Well equipped with up to date information on educational issues to enable our BRMCK teaching staff to keep abreast in the educational front.
. Transport Centre: We share this with the Methodist Centre, Barker Road Methodist Church, Anglo Chinese School Barker Road (Primary and Secondary), and Oldham Hall. Read more


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