Enrichment Classes

BRMCK Rules & Regulations:
Clauses 25 Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes: Please note that while BRMCK holds the interest of its pupils as its top priority, BRMCK and staff shall not be held accountable or responsible for the safety of your children during all enrichment classes. Neither shall BRMCK nor any of its staff be accountable for any other arrangements / concerns parents may have with regards to third party service providers. BRMCK makes no representation, warranty or guarantee as to the quality, suitability or fitness of any of the enrichment classes. For the convenience of parents, BRMCK ONLY provides the venue for these enrichment classes to be conducted. It is the sole responsibility of parents to liaise with the service providers for the programme they wish to enroll their child/children in. It is also the parents’ responsibility to be fully aware of and agreeable to the terms and conditions set by enrichment service providers before committing to the programme of their choice. All payments, enquiries and /or concerns with regards to the enrichment classes should be directed to the respective service provider and NOT to BRMCK. Enrolment to Enrichment Classes is strictly optional and subject to availability. Please note that except for BRMCK's Montessori Based Enrichment classes, all other enrichment classes commence on Week 3 of Term One.

Please note that:
- All enrichment classes are optional programmes for BRMCK students
- BRMCK Rules and Regulations and especially clause 25 apply
- Enrolment is on a first come first serve basis
- Parents are to make their own transport arrangements for their children
- Registration Forms / Wait List Forms may be obtained from the BRMCK Admin Office
- Parents to liaise with Service Providers

- *Daily Before or After School BRMCK Bilingual Montessori Based Enrichment - N1 to K2*
- *Daily Before or After School Chinese Intensive (M.I.Based) Programme-K1 to K2*

AM Session Before School Enrichment Classes: Pl refer to above
* *. BRMCK PM ( Second Session ) students attend the AM session Before School Enrichment Classes.
NB: DAILY SIESTA PERIOD : 11:30am to 12:00pm, for enrichment class students
PM Session Before School Enrichment Classes: Pl refer to above
* *. BRMCK AM ( First Session ) students attend the PM session After School Enrichment Classes.
After School 3:15pm to 4:15pm Enrichment Classes

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